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Feast: Ole

September 21, 2009

As I’ve already admitted, I have a tendency to order my favorite dish over and over again when I visit the same restaurant. I sometimes have to order two entrees – my favorite and something new- just to pry myself away from what I was really in the mood for.  However, one place that I allow myself to stick with my favorites is Ole.

I tried to branch out in the beginning, I really did. I spent a good deal of time lingering on the Robalo Asado- sea bass on a bed of polenta. But, it was just too salty. The red pepper sauce does a good job of balancing the dish, but there was never quite enough sauce. When, on several occasions, I asked for extra sauce, I was told that was not an option.

The enchilada is a good enchilada, but not worth writing about. The ceviche is not fantastic- its it mixed with an olive tapenade that’s bitter acid flavor is almost confusing. The goat cheese crepes are nice, if a bit greasy- the oil in the cheese always separates by the time the dish gets to the table. Ensalada Ole is quite good- a light dressing makes it an easy starter, if nothing spectacular.

I’m just going to say it. The much lauded guacamole, made table-side, is really hit or miss. Last week it was incredibly watery and tasteless- clearly the avocado’s were under-ripe. Some nights it doesn’t have enough lemon, some nights it needs more salt. Tableside dishes hold a great allure, and the quantity they give you is massive, but I only really enjoy Ole’s guacamole every third visit.

However, my favorite dish is the reason I keep going back. Chiles Rellenos. One chile stuffed with pork, another with cheese and raisins, I can never decide which is my favorite. Topped with a savory tomato based sauce and rice, with a side of caramelized plantains, this dish is delicious, heart-warming, and above all, consistent.

Truthfully, if you have enough sangria or tequila flights at Ole, the food might cease to matter. In any case, the desserts are not worth it with Christina’s ice cream around the corner. Come for the Chiles Rellenos, give the guacamole a try, and leave with enough room for sweets next door.

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