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Feast and Fluid: Guest Chef Night: Central Bottle and Barry Maiden

September 18, 2010
It is only because someone surprised me by reserving two spots for this event that I am going to publicize it – if not I would be greedily hoarding this information and pounding on the sold-out door, wailing to be let in on the fun. My favorite local wine boutique, Central Bottle, is hosting the chef from one of my favorite restaurants, Hungry Mother.

wine bar night at central bottle (from website)

I’m sure that Barry Maiden’s three small plates with wine pairings will be well worth the cost and wait, but equally as impressive as the food and drink is always the atmosphere at Central Bottle. It’s not really news that this place is fun- they were named Best Wine Shop in Boston Magazine several months ago and continue to garner well deserved attention.

barry maiden. he's cute AND he can cook.

I’m really looking forward to everything about this guest chef event, and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.
(More info here:
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