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Food: Fall Market Tour Part 2: Brookline

September 23, 2010

There is a real industry difference of opinion on where to put that apostrophe.

The Brookline Market thoroughly trumps last week’s market at Central Square.  It would have to, with twenty plus booths, vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, baked goods, and more. If Central Square Market was a 4, Brookline is a 10, and not just because the weather today was so fantastic.

Across from the Coolidge Corner Arcade, this market runs every Thursday from 1:30pm “until dark,” and it is packed- for good reason.

The market is almost more of a fair than a place to pick up some vegetables for dinner, featuring local artists, an ice cream stand, and everything you could need for a week’s worth of meals. Cheese, eggs, bread, pies, you name it, they have it.

Just some of the vendors there today:

Capri Farms, Clear Flour, Enterprise Farm, Cook’s Farm and Bakery, Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm, Bob’s Turkey Farm, Middle Earth Farm, and this guy, who makes art out of cabbage:

Exciting as those cabbages are, the award for unique item of the day goes to the Maxixe, a Brazilian cucumber that I had never seen before. I’m not sure if I believe the sign saying it is similar to a regular cucumber, however.


This market also wins because it sells one of my favorite things, Raspberry Lime Rickeys. You can get home-made ice cream or a sundae if you prefer.

If I lived in Brookline I would shop at this market every week, if only to take in the cheerful atmosphere. As it is, I will probably try to go back on any Thursday that I can get there before dark.

i'll admit it, i feel a little weird buying cod off the street.

pies, cookies, and a guy with a beard.

who can turn down a pot pie?

very high quality produce

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