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Frame: How I Read the Sunday Paper

September 26, 2010

Much like flip flops, the beach, weekend trips, and bookstores, I love the Sunday edition of the New York Times. But if you’re going to be my Sunday Paper Partner (SPPoSB), you should know a few things.

1. I will need coffee.

2. I like to spread out the pages in a somewhat messy fashion.

3. I know there is some good hard news in the Sunday times, and I know that news is important. But that paper is such a fat, delicious feast that I always start with the juiciest sections, which, to me, are Book Review, Arts and Leisure, Travel, and Magazine (where the food is). I will rifle through and steal these sections, leaving you with the gristle: Business, International, Editorials, etc. Don’t worry, I’ll let you switch with me when I’m done- I want to read the tough sections too. It’s just that I’d rather ease in with recipes, foreign destinations, and savory reviews of words and art.

This Sunday, what I feel are the tastiest morsels:

Book Review: Obsession– About crime writer James Ellroy.

Arts and Leisure: Festivals Grow Up, Even as Screens Grow Small.

Travel: In Sicily, a Step Back in Time

Magazine: Recipe Redux: Saratoga Potatoes, 1904

Magazine: Consumed: Carrot Talk

Sunday Business: Can We Build a Brighter Shade of Green?

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