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Frame: Office Space

October 14, 2010



it has that new desk smell


I know, I know, I said that if you write you should be able to write anywhere. But there is something awfully tantalizing about a new desk, a fresh coat of paint, and cork boards just dying to be filled up with pictures and ideas. The trillium photos, one of my favorite gifts, don’t hurt either. Unfortunately I still need a proper chair, which brings me to…

Why are chairs so expensive?  The above desk was shown with a chair that cost $500 (which is more than I paid for the desk) and did not seem extraordinary in any way. I’d like the chair to be at least a little comfortable, as my Nanowrimo #4 is fast approaching, but even plain old wooden chairs appear to be running close to $200. If you have any ideas for a chair that is less than $150 and has at least some kind of comfort level over just bare wood, please, don’t keep them to yourself.

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