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Frame: More Food Network Halloween

October 31, 2010

By popular demand and in honor of Halloween, here are some more thoughts on what the Food Network Stars will be wearing at this year’s costume party.

Jeffrey is going as the man in the relationship.

Ok, maybe not.

I’m just kidding Jeffrey, you’re a really good sport. I know that you’re actually going as your favorite food, roast chicken.

…which works out really well because Ina can’t make it to the party (something about a flower arranging class with her gay friend Paul), so Jeffrey’s new date is Alton Brown, who is going as Colonel Sanders.


I thought it would be funny to say that the Neelys were going as either a) Jewish or b) Vegans, but I could not find one single picture of them sans a) Jesus or b) some pork product.

No hanukkah here

Anthony Bourdain (I know, he’s not actually on the food network) is going as a chef. Remember Les Halles, Tony?

Claire Robinson is going as Aida. Aida is going as Claire Robinson. Because no one cares about either of them.

even claire doesn’t care


Happy Halloween!

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