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Fluid: Booze-y Hot Chocolate

November 2, 2010

Don’t ever make hot chocolate from a mix, I’ve discovered. It takes only a few more minutes to make it from scratch, tastes much, much better, and is far easier than say, chocolate sauce.


4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
2 1/4 cups milk (you don’t need to use whole milk, but it is encouraged- otherwise, 2%)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp vanilla
few dashes cinnamon
few dashes rum
pinch of salt

Put milk in pot. Break up chocolate and add. Toss in dashes of cinnamon and brown sugar, stir over low-medium heat until chocolate is melted.

Add vanilla.

Add rum.

Taste. If needed, add more rum.

Serve in a lovely little teacup, so you can channel Marie Antoinette as you drink your booze-y hot chocolate, and finish with a tiny pinch of salt. Add a dollop of ice cream, if desired.

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