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Frame: Empty Seats

November 25, 2010

When I thought about what I wanted to post on Thanksgiving Day –  the biggest food holiday of the year – a few things came immediately to mind.

  • A big picture of a gorgeous turkey
  • A recipe for my favorite pie
  • A haiku about my love for stuffing and gravy

But when it comes down to it, I know that what’s really on everyone’s mind during the holidays is the empty seats.  While I’m very grateful for my family and friends, it’s impossible to have a holiday without thinking of the people who won’t be at your table this year. You’ll remember the things they always brought to your celebration, like  blueberry muffins, never-duplicated gravy, or strains from a guitar.  This year, myself and others will be missing their important people, whether due to distance, disagreement, or death. It’s hard to think about these people at the holidays, but sometimes that’s all one can think about. It’s ok.

Raise a glass to the empty seats this Thanksgiving.

And while you’re here, enjoy this big picture of a gorgeous turkey.

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  1. Ken permalink
    November 26, 2010 9:56 pm

    Great thought! In some ways Thanksgiving is the time that we really miss family & friends that can’t be there. It is sometimes difficult to stop and recognise those that had been there in past years without putting a real damper on the festivities. However, it is important to recognise, in a positive fashion, friends and family that are not “at the table”.

    I’m not sure if you were in Pittsburgh or Boston. In any case I hope that you had a great time AND that you made the stuffing!

    All the best, Ken

  2. November 28, 2010 1:31 pm

    Hi Kate I liked the blog about thanksgiving, it was so much fun seeing everyone. I hope to see you soon. aunt judy

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