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Food: Meatless Monday – Vegan Muffins

January 3, 2011

The number of times I’ve mentioned Joanne Chang’s Vegan Low-Fat Chocolate Muffins is probably approaching inappropriate, but oh well. I received the Flour cookbook for Christmas and damnit, I’m going to make myself a passable baker if it kills me. For my first trick, I tried to recreate my beloved muffins. Joanne’s recipe is easy to follow, and it turns out the key to these muffins is espresso powder and molasses. (So now I have large container of molasses that I need to get rid of…)

Unfortunately, I always get in my own way with baking. Due to some canola oil that was probably past its prime, and my inability to translate baking times to my own oven properly, my first try at my favorite muffins was not exactly successful. I will say the flavor was there, and they looked almost identical to those I have purchased many times before, but they were much too dry.  However, nothing I can’t overcome (eventually).

Next up: Chocolate Cupcakes with Crispy Magic Frosting.

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