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Food: Peach Cranberry Jalapeno Granita

January 19, 2011

Granita is one of those things that, while I know must be easy, seems like an effort because of its frozen-ness. But being surrounded by January slush and snow has got me on an ice-y dessert kick, so I thought I’d give it a try – and it is, in fact, really easy. I ran across a recipe for a Lime Jalapeno Granita which I thought might be better with some tequila during the summer, but with a little tinkering I came up with this. Still very refreshing but a little more flavorful and less tart. Be careful with the jalapeno though, much more than suggested in this recipe will make it one of those cold desserts that sears your throat with heat on the way down. (Ahem, Christina’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream.)

Peach Cranberry Jalapeno Granita
2 cups Peach Cranberry Juice Cocktail
1/3 cup sugar
2 big mint sprigs, whole
1/2 jalapeno, seeded and then chopped into 3-4 pieces (discard seeds)
3 tbps lime juice, plus zest from 1/2 lime

Heat juice, sugar, mint, and jalapeno to a boil. Take off heat and let stand 10 minutes. Strain through a mesh sieve into a glass dish (11 x 7). Discard solids. Stir in lime juice and lime zest. Put dish into freezer (flat) and stir once an hour until really frozen, about 3 hours. Scrap with a fork to make into granita.


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