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Frame: Key Lime Pie (Continued)

March 22, 2011

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grille advertises its key lime pie as “the best.”

At first glance, it’s got nothing on The Sunset Grill’s photogenic slice.

However, this is what I personally consider authentic key lime pie. The texture was a firm custard and the taste was a mix of sweet and sour without any bitterness. The crust was graham cracker, a relatively neutral flavor and crunchy texture that complemented the smooth filling. Despite its homely appearance, Doc Ford’s pie was excellent.

With one caveat: though I’m not advocating over-embellishment when it comes to the accompaniments category, a bit of whipped cream would have tempered the sweetness and provided another texture differential. As it was, the only extra on this plate was a drizzling of strawberry sauce on the plate, which was good but would have been better enjoyed served over the pie, rather than under.

The results so far:

  Sunset Grill Doc Ford’s
Taste 3 5
Texture 4 5
Crust 4 4
Extras 4 3
Total 15 17
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