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Frame: On Nutrition

June 2, 2011

I’m frustrated by all of the press behind the recent redesign of the food pyramid.  This article from the New York Times shows a few images of the pyramid through the years, but the newly unveiled version is below.

Michelle Obama seems to think that revamping the pyramid into some type of plate-shaped crest is going to be a “crucial” component in the fight against obesity. Now, currently, the Standard America Diet (SAD) consists of fast food, refined sugar (Coke), and red meat. The most commonly eaten vegetable, by a wide margin, is french fries. Does Ms. Obama really think that wasting her time, money, and intellectual capital on a drawing is going to make America healthier?

Michelle, the next time you need something like this, give me a ring. I could have saved you a lot of time and money and achieved the exact same – or maybe even better – effect.

Microsoft Paint, and my cure for America's health problem


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