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Food: Blender Cake

June 9, 2011

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away, but I’ve been using my new blender for everything. This week, I blended up a 7Up Pound Cake (check out the Summer Entertaining issue of Cook’s Magazine), mixing all of the wet ingredients in just a few seconds and then gently whisking in some flour. The Vitamix cut down on time, and led to a really smooth batter. And let’s face it, anything I can do to improve my baking is appreciated by anyone forced to taste the results. I took this out of the oven at 75 minutes on the dot, and the result was dense and moist, with a slightly crusty top.

This is a great cake for summer because it’s light (well, as light as pound cake can be), easy to make, and doesn’t require a super hot oven. I’d serve it with vanilla ice cream, peaches, berries, whipped cream, or just plain. Voila.

Note: I didn’t actually use 7Up, I used all natural Maine Root Lemon-Lime soda. It has a heavier taste than 7Up, but the flavors still make for a light, citrusy cake.  Cook’s recommends finishing this with a glaze, but a) I’ve never made a successful glaze and b)I like that the cake isn’t overly sweet, so I went without.

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