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Frame: Next Food Network Bad Idea

July 13, 2011

I don’t even want to acknowledge last week’s episode of NFNS, but I do need to say this:

Balls on the Roll?

jeff, whitney, and suzie

I bet if Susie Fogelson had been judging on Sunday, all three of the above nitwits would have been voted off, just for entertaining the notion that “Balls on the Roll” could be a legitimate idea for a food truck. But no, it was a Giada week, and they sent Orchid home instead.

I’ve decided I’m throwing all my support to Vic Vegas. He’s a true underdog – he looks like a convict, he couldn’t cook at all the first few weeks, and he’s so gymed up he can barely put his arms down by his sides. If he wins this thing it will be a serious Food Network overthrow. Now I just hope he doesn’t come out with some kind of Steroids on a Rope idea for next week’s episode.

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