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Feast: The Diner at Bagels By Us

August 10, 2011

Ever since low carb diet gurus made sure we all know that one bagel equals five pieces of bread,  I’ve been opting for toast. It’s hard to get a good bagel in Boston anyway, so why waste the calories, especially when you can get an English Muffin on the griddle? But The Diner at Bagels By Us actually brings good bagels to Boston, even though rumor has it that they truck them in from H&H in New York. This leads some purists to complain, but frankly, they still taste fresh to me. If I have to mail-order a bagel from another state to get a good one, so be it.

Online reviews are mixed for The Diner, which is a surprise to me. My bagel sandwich last weekend was just this side of great – the egg was a little overcooked, but the generous amount of bacon made up for it. The burgers we saw go by (at 10am, by the way), looked and smelled fantastic, and the atmosphere was more artsy cafe than greasy spoon diner. Consider me a fan, but I’ll report back if something goes awry at my next visit.

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