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Feast: Topsfield Fair

October 8, 2011

I’ll never understand people who buy pizza at a fair. How can you buy sad, flabby looking pizza when you could be eating caramel corn, sausage and peppers, candy apples, corndogs, or GIANT TURKEY LEGS?

This weekend is your last chance to hit the Topsfield Fair,  and while I understand some of you might be more interested in Robinson’s Racing Pigs, the Beekeeping tent, or the professional Alpaca-shearing lessons than the food, I went with turkey legs on the  brain. There were at least ten different stands to choose from if you wanted hotdogs, chicken and ziti, lemonade, or food from the Kowloon, but only two booths sold turkey legs, wrapped lovingly in tin foil and presented as though they were a giant stuffed teddy bear from a carnival barker. The dark – almost red – meat fell off the bone.

For you vegetarians, there were plenty of other delicacies: “gourmet” macaroni and cheese (served from a lemonade stand), vegetable tempura, prize winning pie (that had been sitting in a barn all day) or “soup in a bun.”

I prefer fried dough. Voila!


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