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Food: Feast of Seven Fishes #7 – Caviar

December 22, 2011

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You’re probably thinking: Lobster? Scallops? Lump Crab Meat? and now CAVIAR? Does this woman think I’m made of money?
Yes, my version of the Feast of Seven Fishes was not cheap this year, but it probably wasn’t as pricey as you’d think. If you go with Salmon – the 7th Feasting Fish – you can get a small container of caviar, blinis, and creme fraiche for under $30. Yes, each feast guest has just a bite or two, but that’s all you really need. (Ok, cheaper version: use a slice of smoked salmon instead. Either way, this is a quick appetizer that requires no skill.)
Even though this was my last dish, I’d recommend serving it first, with a glass of champagne.  Voila, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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