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Frame: Top Ten Christmas Photos

December 26, 2011

This year I took approximately 1 million photos on Christmas Day. Here are the Top Ten (I’ll spare you the rest), complete with captions. This could also be titled “A Day of Demase Christmas.”


As I wrote about last year, we start each Christmas Day with Mrs. Dodson's coffee cake. Remember when people gave baked goods as gifts? Mrs. Dodson and my mom still do.


Oh, and we also have mimosas with the coffee cake.


Before we tackle the presents under the tree, everyone has cards and stocking stuffers.


Eventually we are buried under wrapping paper.


This is the unofficial symbol of Demase Family Christmas. Many a new gift has been lost in the chasm of Dad's overzealous trash collection.


This year we had two turkeys, which meant I got to prepare one alongside Mom. This is when Moms teach you things like "the neck is in the body cavity, the giblets are in the neck. Take them both out."


Needless to say, the turkeys were good. Even mine.




It always seems like we can't stuff in one more bite, but we always manage for Mom's cheesecake.


And finally, when you think you might actually pop - Rum Cake, an Italian tradition.

Clean up is a bitch.

 (11. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! VOILA!)

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