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Feast: Greek Corner

January 7, 2012

Much like Zoro, when Guy Fieri visits a Diner, Drive In, or Dive, he leaves his mark. Unfortunately, Guy’s mark is a life-sized photo featuring his spiky blonde tips and sunglasses. At least Greek Corner has the good sense to hide it in the back, across from a painting of the Aegean Sea (startlingly blue) and rows of small, polished Mandolins.

The restaurant was packed on Friday at 6:30pm, but starting to clear out by 8  – so don’t try to beat the rush by going early.  The servers are friendly and banter with each other as they squeeze through narrow aisles to get to their tables. All manner of customers like the Corner- parents with little kids, Cambridge super-nerds on double dates, big Greek families, even a few hipsters (must have wandered in by mistake). The menu features everything you’d hope for – dolmas, Avgolemono, Pastitsio, Moussaka, so it’s really just a question of how much you can shove down your throat.

We started with the Sampler Plate – mediocre spinach pie, passable dolmas, but fantastic hummus, tzatziki, feta, eggplant salad, and tabouleh. The star was the taramosalata, caviar blended with bread and spices. Smooth, salty, and a lovely shade of pink. I washed that down with a nice glass of Chardonnay (made even more agreeable by its $5 price tag) and started on my Gyro with fries and ubiquitous Greek Salad. The Gyro was great, not over-sized but still plentiful, and a good ratio of meat to sauce. The pita was particularly good, the Greek version of an english muffin on the griddle – soft and warm with a sheen of seared butter on the oustide.

Bottom line: some really good Greek food, at really good prices. Voila.

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