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Frame: Fear of France

June 13, 2012

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We’re leaving for Paris in a few days and I’ve moved from excited to nervous. Here’s a list of irrational and/or justified fears running through my head:

1. We won’t be able to figure out how to get to the apartment from the airport and we’ll spend the entire trip at Charles de Gaulle, eating gross airport baguettes. (Irrational. If I was going by myself this would be justified, but Dave will be there to help navigate.)

2. It will rain the entire time we are in Paris. I brought this on myself a few months ago when I said I hoped we’d get a rainy day to sit in cafes and read and eat sweets. (Justified. The weather in Paris is  projected to be rainy and gross for the duration of our trip. )

3. We will hate the two classes we have signed up for.  (Possible, but probably irrational. We signed up for a French Market tour/class and a Bellies on Foot tour.  They’d have to be pretty bad for us to hate them.)

4.  I will forget all the things I want to do in Paris. (Justified. I may become so overwhelmed that I get back on the plane at the end of the trip and realize I didn’t do anything I had planned. )

5. All of the French people will be really mean to me. (Justified. Everyone knows that French people hate Americans, and that they verbally berate them without provocation until said Americans run weeping in the opposite direction. [This fear is not actually justified.])

I’m also afraid my wallet will get stolen (irrational, my wallet could just as easily get stolen here), my phone won’t work (justified, never used this phone abroad before), and that I won’t bring enough books to read or the right clothes to wear (irrational, neither of these things really matter). Hopefully once we land in Paris I’ll be ok, but for now I’m just praying a dingo doesn’t eat  my passport.

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