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Frame: Last Day

June 22, 2012

It’s our last day in Paris, and while it will be traumatic to leave, I’m looking forward to posting better pictures and reviews when I’m home with a computer next week. For now, here are five of the ten most important things I’ve learned about this city (next five to follow):
1. You do not need to seek out the most famous bakeries for pastry. You can get amazing sweets pretty much anywhere. Eat crepes, eclairs, chocolate and almond croissants, and macarons.
2. You should make it a point to eat a traditional French meal once or twice, but that’s about all an American stomach can take per week. After that, mix in modern French, or try some pasta or Falafel.
3. If you go shopping in St. Germain des pres, go directly to Rue Bonaparte. Don’t waste time on the other streets like I did, wading through labels easily found in the US or crappy teeny bopper schlock.
4. Drink copious amounts of cafe creme. Little known fact: If you aren’t a French citizen, the calories don’t count.
5. Everything is closed from Saturday night to Tuesday afternoon. So adopt a French mentality as early as possible and relax. Paris is the enemy of schedules and the arbiter of suprises.


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