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Feast: Swann et Vincent

July 20, 2012


Maybe this is blasphemous, but one of our best meals in Paris was at an Italian restaurant, Swann et Vincent. A short walk from our apartment in the 15th, Swann was a welcome respite from cassoulet and steak with béarnaise – truthfully, the American stomach is just not built for a week of uninterrupted French food.

Swann is tiny, at most ten tables, with only two filled when we showed up for an early French/normal American dinner. The waitress/hostess/bartender was very friendly, worked on our French with us, and offered to explain any dish in English. The restaurant itself is cozy and sweet, with a large menu board and a spread of cicchetti on the back bar. We ordered the antipasti (pictured), a simple plate of freshly cut meat and cheese. The Pasta with Sauce  Arrabiata was spicy but not overpowering, and the Veal Escalopes with Lemon sauce had a refreshing element to it – hearty without being at all heavy.

We didn’t have dessert at Swann, and on the whole we ate lightly, but if we’d had our normal appetites I’m sure the rest of the menu would have been worth trying as well. If you need a change of pace in Paris, this lovely place definitely fits the bill.


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