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Feast: Wedding Planning

September 19, 2012

magnolia cupcakes

Someone recently told me that I should look at my wedding as “the best party you’ll ever throw.”  I absolutely hate this person, because now I feel enormous pressure to make sure everything is perfect and everyone has an amazing time. Thanks anyway, but next time just smile and tell me I’ll be a beautiful bride.

I don’t know how to throw the best party ever. I don’t know make the tables look perfect, or how to make sure everyone dances. I don’t know anything about uplighting or floral arrangements or decorative draping.  Picking out napkins and chairs and crowd-pleasing music makes me break out into a cold sweat. But I do know about food.

Wedding Planning Step 1: Order Magnolia cupcakes from New York City, see if they arrive intact and delicious enough to be served at a wedding. (See above, they do.)

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