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Fluid: Alibi

September 19, 2010

alibi (stock photo from web)

I’ll admit, it is possible that last night’s favorable impression of Alibi (part of the Liberty Hotel) was colored by the following: 

1. I know one of their very eligible bachelor bartenders. 

2. Our extremely attractive and phenomenally capable table waitress took care of us by giving the most impressive withering look to the most obnoxious “I’m from Harvard Business School so it is ok if I harass you endlessly” man- she deserves a standing ovation for saving me the trouble. 

3. The crowd had a median age of approximately 14 years older than myself, thus making me feel younger and more attractive. 

4. The music they played was all straight out of my first year of college, also making me feel younger. (I realize 3 and 4 are related.) 

Positive prejudices aside, my first trip to Alibi was a lot of fun. Definitely a scene, but it was good for a celebration, which is why I was there. Having a table is preferable, as the bar and outdoor area were unbearably crowded by 10pm. But, the wait staff is fantastic and a spin around the floor makes you feel pretty unbeatable. As a friend observed, “it’s nice that this is a bar for unattractive people too.” Meaning, I’m sure, that it was a surprisingly diverse crowd. All I know is that table/bottle service is well worth it, the music is good, the doormen are at your service (once you are inside- if you have to wait in line, screw it- go across the street to Beacon Hill Pub instead), and the bartenders work hard. Wear good (read: hot) shoes, bring your game face, and enjoy the view.

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