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Frame: A Cautionary Tale

September 19, 2010

jp licks

Here’s what happens if you order coffee at JP Licks, which, by the way, has an entire section of their menu board devoted to coffee. This section is a fake out.


1. The ice cream scooping guys will go in the back to find someone that actually knows how to make coffee. This person will come out and start fiddling with the machine. You will pay for your coffee, and then stand expectantly at the counter, waiting.  The coffee person will call someone else over when the machine doesn’t seem to be working. The machine will start making noise and s-l-o-w-l-y producing coffee.

still waiting.

2. Being that you are used to Starbucks, where order to drink arrival time is pretty darn quick, and that you actually know how to use an industrial coffee maker yourself, you will get pretty annoyed pretty fast. You will hear all of the people behind the counter comment on how slowly the machine is making coffee. Your companion will have already finished their ice cream and be starting to get annoyed that you ordered coffee that is apparently impossible to make at JP Licks.


3. Your coffee will finally be ready and you will be so happy! Your companion will be relieved.

not happy.

4. You will take one sip and realize the coffee is really, really bad and definitely not worth the wait.  But damnit, you will drink it anyway.

*pictures are a very realistic re-enactment of actual events.

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