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Frame: La La Love You

September 20, 2010

SB is honored that one of her best friends has asked her to speak at her wedding. Even though the wedding is a month away, in true SB fashion I am already marinating on what to say during my toast.

SB and the bride

To prepare this kind of speech, some people might turn to books of poetry for help. But I’m not exactly the type of woman who’s comfortable with a bunch of rhyming nonsense or grandiose descriptions of unrealistic, hyper-perfect relationships. I don’t mean to denounce poetry or love poetry as a genre- there is some lovely verse out there, but it is just not my style, especially when I don’t want some Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How do I love thee” foolishness.

my poetry

Others might turn to the bible. But I think the bride might actually vomit if I stood up and starting prosthelytizing: “Love is patient, love is kind…” Plus, I would start laughing uncontrollably – the bride and I are not bible verse people. Also, the bride is Jewish.  So the bible is definitely out.


my bibles

And then of course, there are song lyrics- the cool man’s poetry. The bride and groom are music people, so this choice could actually work, if it wasn’t so ridiculously cliché.  I did think about this possibility for awhile, but the best I could come up with was the Pixies “La La Love You” – the lyrics get right to the point:

i love you, i do
i love you
all i’m saying pretty baby
la la love you, don’t mean maybe

But just saying those lyrics out loud would be really boring. And I’m not going all Lloyd Dobler at the wedding.

my song lyrics

So, as you can see from the pictures, I’ve turned to what I love – food – for some inspiration. Which is not to say that I will be reciting “A Recipe for Love” at the wedding (gag). But thinking about my passion(s) and what drives me to love them some days/hate them others has given me clarity on points I want to make during my toast.  One of which is that love, like one’s passions in life, is undeniable. You can’t help it, predict it, stop it, or change it. You can just hope that you and your partner have the balls and the bravery to see it through.

I probably will not say “balls” in my toast.  I probably will say “bravery.”

french fries with the balls and the bravery to be poutine.

This is not a theme wedding in the vows given while scuba diving/bridesmaids dressed in Renaissance Faire outfits/hidden Mickey Mouse faces on the place settings sense. But there is a theme, and it is around this that I am going to craft my toast.

“Just two people, giving it their best shot.”

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  1. September 22, 2010 6:53 pm

    I want you to give a toast at my wedding, with both verses from The Holy Bible (King James Version) and also the word “balls.” Don’t worry though, I am still totally single, so you have plenty of time to simmer on this one.

    xo xo xo XO!


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