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Frame: Just Add Swagger

October 16, 2010

Of all the things I’ve written in my life, a wedding toast is not one of them.

I’ve written speeches before- I believe the words “I’ll pay you to laugh” came out of my mouth more than once in the days before walking up to the podium to give my business school graduation speech. I’ve done plenty of public speaking, to groups as large as 500 and on a regular basis to groups of 20-100. I’ve written tributes for anniversaries and salutations for babies. None of these things is foreign or nerve-wracking anymore. But this wedding toast thing is different.


just add swagger


I’ve known the couple for six years, so it’s not that I don’t have plenty of great things to say about them. But on an occasion like a wedding, with such a mixed crowd in the audience, I found myself editing my words more than usual. Don’t want to be too personal, don’t want to make too many private jokes, don’t want to be too bland. Ultimately, I was looking for a balance of humor, wit, and wisdom regarding love and relationships. Never having been married I can safely say that wisdom part will probably fail. But I think I have some perspective that lends at least a little credence to my words about the work that goes into maintaining a relationship, and the courage that it takes to love someone. The terms “Renaissance Faire” and “slumber party” also feature in my toast, so here’s hoping someone laughs. Sometimes it’s all in your swagger when you go up to the microphone, your cadence when you speak, or the dress that you choose to wear, so I’ve been working on those aspects as well.

I was surprised at how much marinating my toast took before it was fully cooked, but ultimately I’m happy with how it turned out-I only hope the bride and groom like it too. Congratulations Mike and Karen- I will see you in a few hours!

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