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Frame: Next Food Network Stunt

July 5, 2011

There’s not really much to say about the most recent episode of Next Food Network Star. Justin D was voted off for being boring, we uncovered more about the cold, methodical mind of Whitney C, and poor Orchid learned the hard way that it’s not always a good idea to be first out of the gate. But in the night’s only interesting (I use the term loosely) development, Jyll decided that she should confront Penny about her behavior.  Apparently, the other women “in the house” (one of my least favorite reality tv phrases)  just don’t feel a connection to Penny. And Jyll wanted to talk about it. Take a seat at the kitchen table Penny, take your shoes off, put your feet up. Tell me, did you feel very unwanted as a child? Did your dad throw out your first pair of stilletos in a drunken rage?

Unfortunately, the emotional “I never had any friends and I just want to be close to you and now I’m going to cry” reaction Jyll seemed to be hoping for never came, and Penny, steel-hearted Mediterranean Mama that she is, dismissed her and went about her business.

Truthfully, Jyll could not care less if Penny feels included or alienated. Jyll has just recognized what the rest of us have known since competitive reality TV was born: drama buys you another week. Introduce a little drama, throw a fit at the elimination ceremony, and even if you didn’t bother to make your assigned Carne Asada, even if Guy Fieri had to spend 2 hours getting one good take out of you, even if you spell the name Jill with a Y, you’ll get another week. Just to see who you’ll piss off next.

Way to go Jyll. I can’t wait to see what non-food related stunt you cook up next week.

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